At Carrawobitty Rural Retreat you’ll find an authentic historic property with a real Australian rural landscape to participate in one of our relaxing retreats. Whether that is an earthy camping retreat on our island or an indulgent nourishing retreat in the iconic historic homestead – you will find that Carrawobitty Rural Retreat has what you are searching for.

The grand homestead sits on 100 acres of land with space, native wildlife and rural views to delight the senses.

De-stress and Digital Detox go hand in hand at Carrawobitty – as do opportunities for meditation, relaxation, spirituality and mindfulness.

With wide open landscapes and expansive views of never ending horizons, our dark night skies offer exciting and new experiences and opportunities for stargazing and vivid photography

With a public air-stip only 5 minutes away, there are boundless opportunities to enhance access and deliver an unforgettable experience.

Our retreat’s are vast and varied; and celebrate a diversity embraced at Carrawobitty Rural Retreat. Our retreats have included Cheese Making, Wise Women, Vision Quest, Meditation, Nourishment, Corporate, Film Making, Music, Photography and old crafts.

There are no limits.

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